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Comprod has a long experience in supplying disguised antennas and associated couplers to some of the leading Public Safety and private security organizations across North America, for national, state, regional and municipal agencies.  Our disguised antennas and filters are reliable and high quality to meet the needs of Mission-Critical communications.  The antennas provide high-performance two-way communications in VHF (low and high band), UHF, dual, and 800-900 MHz mobile bands.  Once installed they will be indistinguishable from the original AM/FM broadcast antenna on the covert or undercover vehicle.

Frequency Range: 138-150 MHz
Gain: Unity
Frequency Range: 138-150, 764-776 MHz
Gain: Unity
Frequency Range: 27-50 MHz
Gain: Unity
Frequency Range: 132-174 MHz
Gain: Unity
Frequency Range: 406-512 MHz
Gain: Unity
Frequency Range: 27-960 MHz

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