F-3647 Dual Antenna Array 1

F-3647 Dual Antenna Array

Frequency Range: 138-174 | 406-470 MHz
Gain: 2.0-2.5 dBd
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Ideal for applications where costs are calculated per antenna

  • Available in many configurations
  • VHF, UHF or 700/800/900 MHz antennas can be combined onto one mast
  • Mix and match with our 770, 790 and 870 series antennas
  • Can be configured for side or top mount
  • Low VSWR version with maximum gain over the specified frequencies
  • Heavy-duty versions available


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  • Frequency Range, MHz

    138-174 / 406-470

    Nominal Gain, dBd


    Bandwidth: 1.5:1 VSWR, MHz

    138-174 MHz: 36
    406-470 MHz: 106

    Number of Dipoles

    1 / 1





    Power Rating, Watts


    Nominal Impedance, Ohms


    Lightning Protection

    DC Ground

    Standard Termination

    N Male

    Length, in (mm)

    126 (3200)

    Width (1/2 Wave Spacing), in (mm)

    41 (1041)

    Weight, lbs (kg)

    26 (11.9)

    Rated Wind Velocity: no ice, mph (km/h)

    170 (272)

    Rated Wind Velocity: 0.5" (13 mm) Ice, mph (km/h)

    140 (225)

    Lateral Thrust @ 100 mph wind, lbs (kg)

    67 (30.5)

    Bending Moment @ top clamp: 100 mph, ft*lb (kg*m)

    110 (15)

    Projected Area, ft² (m²)

    2.5 (0.23)

    Mounting Information Mast O.D.

    1.9″ (48 mm)

  • The dual antenna arrays are available in many different configurations. VHF, UHF, or 700/800/900 MHz antennas can be combined onto one mast. These antennas can be mixed and matched from our 870, 770 and 790 series antennas. All of our antennas can be completely customized to your particular applications. Our antennas can be side mount or top mount configurations.

    • Low VSWR version with maximum gain over the specified frequencies
    • Ideal for applications where the costs are calculated per antenna
    • Heavy-duty versions are available.
    • Multiple combinations are offered and customizable. Please contact a technical support technician for additional details.

  • Side Mount: F-3647-SM
    Top Mount: F-3647-TM
    Heavy-duty: F-3647-HD
    Black Anodized: F-3647-HDB

  • Questions & Answers
    1. Can I get a configuration for a Dual Antenna Array that has VHF (138 – 174 MHz) for each exposed Dipole? The exposed dipole should be one (1) element each. The antenna configuration should be Heavy Duty and meet Palm Beach, Florida Wind Speed requirements (150- 170 MPH). The antenna gain should be minimum 2.5 dBi.

      • Hello Mr. Hubert,

        Thank you for your request. A member of our Sales team will contact you shortly.

        Best regards.

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