XBC-02-38R Cross-Band Coupler

XBC-02-38R Cross-Band Coupler

Frequency Range: 1st: 25-175 2nd: 380-960 MHz

Designed for easy installation, reducing coaxial runs, and in-building applications with multi-band antennas

  • Allows multiple bands to share the same transmission lines
  • Available in VHF, UHF and 800/900 MHz bands
  • Can be Tower-Mounted (TM), Rack-Mounted (RM), TRay-Mounted (TRM) or stand alone


Order Information 19″ Rack Mount Tower Mount Tray Mount Without Bracket
XBC-02-38R XBC-02-38R-RM XBC-02-38R-TM XBC-02-38R-TRM XBC-02-38R-WB


Our Cross-Band Couplers are designed for easy installation, reduced coaxial runs, and in-building applications for multi-band antennas. They allow multiple bands to share the same transmission lines. They are available in VHF, UHF and 800/900MHz bands. They can be tower mounted (TM), rack mounted (RM), tray-mounted (TRM) or stand alone.

Additional information

Frequency Range, MHz

1st: 25-175
2nd: 380-960

Typical Loss, dB

1st: 0.35
2nd: 0.50

Isolation, dB


Power Rating, Watts

1st: Rx Only
2nd: Rx Only


N Female



Temperature Range, ºC

-40 to +60


Depends on mounting configuration

Rack Mount

Depends on mounting configuration

Tower Mount

Depends on mounting configuration