XTC-74-7X Xpandable Transmit Combiner – 7″ Cavity 1

XTC-74-7X Xpandable Transmit Combiner – 7″ Cavity

Frequency Range: 746-1000 MHz
Number of Channels: 1-21
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Incorporates expandability, close frequency spacing and some of the lowest insertion losses in the industry

  • Can easily support 250 kHz Tx-Tx spacing
  • Flexible design: from 1-21 channel capacity
  • Expandable: 1 or more additional channels at a time; re-configurable equipment
  • 746-1000 MHz, 254 MHz of operating bandwidth
  • Temperature compensation to ensure frequency stability
  • High attenuation to minimize desense and interference
  • Ultra-low insertion losses; low coupling and bridging losses
  • Continuous high-power handling capability; 150 watts – 24/7
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  • Frequency Range, MHz


    Bandwidth, MHz


    Number of Channels

    from 1 to 21

    Cavity Diameter, in


    Min. Channel Separation, kHz


    Isolation Min., Tx-Tx, dB


    Isolation Min., Ant-Tx, dB


    Max. Insertion Loss Per Channel, dB

    Depends on the number of channels

    Continuous Power Input, Watts



    N Female



    Temperature Range, ºC

    – 40 to +60

    Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) - in X Rack

    86.5 x 24 x 20.7
    (2197 x 610 x 526)

    Mounts in 19" Standard Rack


    Weight, lbs

    Depends on set-up and rack design

  • Our eXpandable transmit combiners can combine from 1 to 21 channels. The XTC series of filters incorporates expandability, close frequency spacing and some of the lowest insertion losses in the industry.

    Using a 6.625” cavity, the XTC can easily support 250 kHz Tx-Tx spacing.

    Each cavity is constructed using a gold alodine finish, silver-plated loops, silver-plated connectors and internal tuning plunger.

    Additionally, cavities are temperature compensated for operation between -40ºC to +60ºC. Every cavity is equipped with both coarse and fine tuning rods for quick and easy field or lab re-tuning.

  • Order Information Single Cavity 2 – Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 8 – Channel 10 – Channel 12 – Channel
    7″ Cavity XTC-74-71 XTC-74-72 XTC-74-73 XTC-74-75 XTC-74-78 XTC-74-7-10 XTC-74-7-12
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