Uninterrupted Surface and Underground Communications


From heavy-industry to light-industry activities, from manufacturing to mining, efficient RF communications are essential to ensure the safety and security of workers as well as the smooth running of the day-to-day operations. Workers, truck drivers and site supervisors must constantly remain in contact, both above and below ground.

Sometimes located in remote areas with weak or non-existent cellular coverage, mines and industrial building sites carry with them a number of important communication challenges. Both inside and outside the site itself, there must be no risk of interruption in communications as both workers and supervisors must have the tools at hand to manage all types of situations ― including emergency situations ― appropriately.

Thanks to its unequalled experience and expertise, Comprod offers cutting-edge solutions to workers working on the surface and underground, where security must never be jeopardized. We help our industrial and mining clients to maintain the competitive advantage in an aggressive market.

At all times and in all fields, we understand the importance of reliable communications systems. Available in VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz, our solutions will support your cost-management activities while ensuring uninterrupted operations. We take into account your specific needs when designing a solution aimed at meeting your expectations.