For Efficient Government Services



State, federal and municipal agencies rely on Mission-Critical communications to serve their stakeholders’ needs in urban zones and remote rural areas. Diverse applications such as fleet communications over land mobile radio systems, vital telemetry communication of remote data, or emergency disaster recovery all share a common need for robust, high-quality and reliable RF infrastructure. Comprod meets the demand with proven, high-performance antennas, RF filtering systems, mobile and in-building antennas and signal boosters, to ensure reliable and lasting RF communications equipment for government agencies at all levels.

Our equipment is deployed by government agencies globally: installed in high wind locations, icy and snowy remote mountaintops, and coastal humid, salt-air environments. Our compact filter products and mobile antennas are integrated into tactical and mobile radio communications solutions. Our in-building suite of products deliver dependable communications for Public Safety in urban environments (road tunnels, public buildings, courthouses…).

Comprod works hand in hand with your communications network designers and technicians to design and deliver RF systems that meet a diversity of needs.  Our VHF, UHF or 700/800/900 MHz solutions will satisfy the need for highly reliable day-to-day communications, emergency needs, and covert operations. We take the time to listen to your concerns.  We provide the best solution via our broad portfolio of standard products.  We help you design unique solutions adapted to your special needs.