Simplifying RF Solutions for Smart Grid Networks


Utility Service Providers in the gas, power and water industry use critical telecommunications systems in support of their core business activities.  These communication networks provide field workers the essential mobile radio communication while performing maintenance or operations control of the utility infrastructure. Using frequency bands dedicated for Utility services, vital data is sent over Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition networks (SCADA). Reliable communication for these diverse and often remote networks ensures that public and private stakeholders can be delivered the water, energy, and power services without disruption.

Comprod’s Utility products have been designed to meet the specific challenges of this sector and have been adopted by leading Utility providers to support their Mission-Critical communications.

Across the northern regions, our black anodized base station antennas provide consistently superior performance, with low VSWR, resistant to ice, snow and heavy winds. Maintenance costs are reduced, the antennas perform solidly, and communication is maintained during harsh storm activity. Mobile antennas built to withstand the challenges of rugged terrain and inclement weather are equipped on utility vehicles, offering broadband or directional capability to support vital communications.

Our antennas have been installed throughout the globe, including China’s Three Gorge Dam, US Nuclear plants, and the world’s premiere hydro-electricity facilities.  Our RF filter solutions ensure the highest quality of signal is maintained for remote or In-Building repeaters and base stations. Nuclear power plants have equipped their facilities with Comprod’s triband in-building antennas and RF signal boosters, to ensure communication is maintained throughout the facilities for its personnel.

Comprod understands the critical role utility services play in our daily lives. This is why we offer solutions to industry leaders that help to improve their commercial operations, as well as the safety and security of workers.

Available in VHF, UHF, 200 MHz and 700/800/900 MHz, our solutions efficiently reduce operational expenses and offer superior long term performance to support uninterrupted service to the utility sector clients.

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