Building an RF Communication Network
in Tune With Your Needs

I was skeptical at first, but Comprod was so confident that their antenna solution would resolve my issues that they offered to let me demo the antenna. I installed the antenna and the result was a “substantial” increase in coverage. I recommend Comprod to anyone needing help resolving coverage issue.
– Doug Blevins, Charlotte County, FL

Comprod’s team of RF application specialists and engineers will obtain your network requirements, review your options, and provide you with a technology solution backed up by solid analysis. We will guide you through the benefits of a recommended solution. Our solutions are backed by over 40 years of experience with thousands of customer situations to draw upon.

Analysis will include offering the right antenna to meet your propagation needs. We take into account your tower infrastructure, the available space and environmental conditions, aiming to maximize the RF performance for your investment.

For base stations and repeaters, our system design engineers will use the channel and frequency allocations that you provide. They will  enter the data into our software analysis tools, and design a filtering solution that reduces any interference, limiting the intermodulation products and maximizing isolation, and deliver an electrical and mechanical design that can be issued to regulatory agencies for approval (FCC, Industry Canada).

Designing In-Building Public Safety RF networks requires expertise in both antenna and amplifier systems design, in order to boost received signal levels with careful attention to avoid interference with existing networks. Our solutions specialists will guide you on the right products and solutions to meet your needs, with our fully accredited solutions. We will work to deliver an expandable cost-effective solution that reduces your total cost of ownership.

For these technical advisory services we are pleased to offer at no cost.  Contact us today to see how we can help.