BUMP-138174 Bumper Antenna

BUMP-138174 Bumper Antenna

Frequency Range: 138-174 MHz
Gain: Unity

Designed for covert operations which require an effectively invisible antenna hidden inside the bumper of a vehicle. Installed at the front and rear of the vehicle, this dual kit will help you create an omnidirectional pattern around the vehicle allowing better network coverage and an optimal performance.

  • Easy field tunable
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Waterproof housing
  • Flexible material for easy installation





Featuring a unique and compact design that integrates radiating elements on a flexible substrate, this antenna can be easily deployed on uneven surfaces, allowing simplicity and versatility for installation. It is an ideal all-round antenna solution for fitting into narrow spaces in applications where a completely discrete antenna is required.

The system includes two antenna elements, mounting tape, cable and connector.

The antenna is provided with 25-feet RG58u feed cable.


The connector is provided but not installed for ease of cable running inside the vehicle. The connector will need to be installed on the cable by the customer. Other connectors and cable configuration options are available.  The bumper covers must be plastic.

This bumper antenna can be sold separately. Ask for a quote.

Additional information

Frequency Range, MHz


Nominal Gain


Bandwidth (1.7 to 1 VSWR), MHz


Power Rating, Watts



Polymer substrate

Length, in (mm)

16 (404.4)

Width, in (mm)

2.2 (56)

Depth, in (mm)

1.2 (30.5)

Field line, ft


Connector options (customer specified)


Broadcast Coupler (Optional)