Did you know that some of the leading Power Utility companies have already turned to Comprod’s products and engineering support for the highest quality in RF components, resulting in minimal maintenance, and enhanced RF performance? Here are our top 5 list of the things you should know about Comprod.

  • One of the world’s largest renewable energy producers selected our antennas and RF filters for its voice and data communication needs.
  • Our black anodized, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty antennas have been deployed throughout some of the harshest of environments across North America.
  • Our exposed dipole antennas have been installed in China’s Three Gorges Dam.
  • Some of the leading power generation companies have relied on our VHF/UHF systems for their In-Building communications in nuclear power plants.
  • Water level monitoring, GOES weather data collection, voice and SCADA applications are all supported using Comprod products.