Antennas & Clamps

Renowned for their superior performance, quality and reliability, Comprod’s antennas are designed to excel in the most hostile environments. Manufactured with the highest quality electrical and mechanical components, built with precision and strength, they feature sealed cable connections, crimped and soldered connectors, moisture-resistant wire harnesses and welded junctions which make them ideally suited for Mission-Critical applications. Our antennas can also be tailored to fit specific needs, based on unique RF network or product applications (e.g. : increased mast height for higher elevation mounting, customized mast separated into two sections for easier handling inside elevators, etc.).
• Heavy-duty – Oversized, hyper-strengthened and designed to exceed specifications
• Welded – Ideal for high winds and icing conditions
• Black Anodized – An electrically-plated protective coating particularly good for heavy icing and corrosive environments
• Cable Lengths – Usually 2 feet is standard but the feed line length can be adapted to your needs (up to 125ft.)
• Connectors – Type N is our usual standard connector, but this can be factory-altered as required
• Custom Mounting Configurations
• Custom Antennas
• Low PIM – Our new line of low PIM antennas dramatically reduces mechanical junctions. They also use double-shielded coaxial cable (multiple versions are available).