The Florida Department of  Transportation (FDOT) has used low-band VHF analog radios operating between 45 and 47 MHz to provide communications with its road crews for more than 50 years.
Throughout the 20th century, each FDOT district operated semi-autonomously and maintained its assigned area roadways by dispatching crews from a group of district maintenance yards that were usually county centric. FDOT operates statewide using seven geographic districts and the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE).

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Originally, the receive antennas were omnidirectional DB-201 style
antennas and the transmit antennas were three folded dipole bays of a DB-212 that were wrapped around the tower to create an omnidirectional pattern. Neither antenna is currently available, and FDOT has since switched to single folded-dipole antennas from Comprod Communications for both transmit and receive.